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Based on continuous feedback within our ‘Community’ We have put together commonly asked questions with answers. We hope this helps.

FAQ: “What kinds of Classes can I Advertise on your App?” “You can Advertise Yoga, Zumba, Pilates and Fitness Classes. Within each discipline you can tap as many practices as you like. We have a large selection to choose from, particularly in the Fitness portal. i.e everything from Thai Chi to Tennis Coaching’

FAQ: “If I choose to cancel my Subscription, what happens next?” “Your Registration on the App will still be active so you can return at anytime. However your Classes will no longer be visible for Students to search”.

FAQ: “If I teach different disciplines, can I Advertise those too?” “Yes absolutely! When you Advertise your Class, simply tap the Discipline you are teaching. Then Advertise a different class within your profile”

FAQ: “Can Students pay for Classes via the App?” “We prefer Instructors to communicate outside the platform to Students on how to pay for their Class. However Instructors can show the cost per Student when they Advertise their Class”

FAQ: “Is there an option to indicate my Class is on-line. i.e. Zoom/Skype” “Yes. When you Advertise your Class you have the option to tap on-line/off-line (off-line meaning a physical place where you teach) You can also tap is your Class 1:1 or group”

FAQ: “How will I know if a Student has booked my Class and how does a Student know their Class is confirmed?” ”Once a Student books. You as the Instructor will receive a notification direct to your email. This will inform you of the Student name, location, their mobile and email details. Students will receive a notification of their booked class with the Instructors name, email and mobile details. If the Class is fully booked. The Student receives notification of this. As an Instructor, if you allow 12 Students in your Class, each time a Student books, the Platform will deduct automatically the number of spaces left from the original number of 12.”