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We have made the process for all Instructors to Register and Advertise Classes as simplistic and time efficient as possible.

2 easy steps.

1/ Register & Create your profile

2/ Advertise your Classes (you can choose many Practices within your Discipline)

In addition. Instructors can search globally, who needs Cover for their Class or search to see who is available to Cover another Instructors class.

We charge a fee of £4.99 a month (or your converted currency based on country of origin) This enables you to Advertise as many Classes as you like and ‘Cover’ option. This fee is on a monthly subscription and can be cancelled at anytime from your device or handset. Once you cancel, your Classes will no longer be visible.


For you guys, it’s completely free. Your steps to find Instructors and Classes globally is easy too.

1/ Register & Create your profile

2/ Search Instructor Classes & book!